Photo experiments

Some years ago, I did a lot of photography (even a couple of weddings). Over time, however, I gradually found the iPhone in my pocket took over by sheer convenience: the sheer bulk of my Digital SLR camera, plus lenses, meant it started gathering dust in my cupboard.

A few months back though I began thinking it was time to revisit this: Frances and I often found we wished we had “a decent camera” for one reason or another, but I was aware the specifications of my D-SLR were some years behind (resolution, not least; also features). Plus, well, bulk.

I finally decided to throw some of my gadget savings at something: A coin pot at Monzo, and savings from ensuring I bring lunch to work, rather than buying it at the canteen soon add up. So after a lot of research, I opted for the mirrorless format: all the flexibility of SLR, without the bulk: Just what I was after. I was swung by The Wirecutter review to opt for a Fujifilm X-A5, combining flexibility, loads of new features, decent press-and-forget buttons for those “capture the moment” needs.

Anyway, love it to bits, and have setup a photo album on Google Photos for various experiments and snaps I have taken (not necessarily with the new phone though), that I like. Some also feature in the header pictures on the site.

An initial selection and a few notes:

  • “Sunset” – On a flight to Bristol the sunset was stunning, so spent a good 20 minutes attempting to snap out of the window to capture it. There were better colours than ‘Sunset’ shows, but I struggled with the light settings and focus.
  • “Priddy Nine barrows”, and “Early morning” – On a run around Priddy (route is on Strava), I was fortunate to see some beautiful misty views that just took the breath away. I do love the feeling of achievement, fitness and progress from running, but to be honest it’s as much mornings and views like this too that make getting up early so worth it.
  • “Japanese figures” – first experiments with the camera playing with focus. We picked these guys up when we were in Japan in 2004. We’re currently pondering a repeat visit, perhaps in 2019.

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