Picking up where I left off…

I’ve not posted here in a while. My last post was a couple of years ago, and that and many of the previous ones were mainly longer-form posts.

A brief reminisce

Time was – back in the very early blogging years – I’d post several times a week. Then social media appeared on the scene. The format of twitter always appealed to me, and so drew more of my posts, certainly in the early years. I also find facebook’s symmetric engagement (we are both friends), rather than the asymmetric model of twitter (Where I can follow/unfollow as I wish).

Taking on roles at various places (from systems architect at parkrun, or being President at my running club) also started to pick away at my inclination to share views, opinions – some of things I perhaps wanted to say overlapped, and I wondered if that might cause… problems.

I took this website down for a few years, and of course then – 2015/16 or so – political stuff got a bit… spiky. All that populism, click-bait, challenges with journalism/balance on subjects like climate change also started getting quite… horrible. Social media became less of a fun place to be, and my desire to post things fell away.

I then wanted to share a few photos I’d taken, together with the 10th anniversary of parkrun in Scotland (a desire to put on record a few things such as why parkrun starts at 9.30am in Scotland, and the general story about starting parkrun up) helped reinvigorate this site. All the while posting less and less to twitter.

mastodon to the rescue

The dumpster fire that twitter seems to be becoming prompted me (and millions of others) to dig out old mastodon accounts, or create new ones.

I’ve since moved to a small, welcoming instance (find me @rleyton@mastodon.me.uk), but the migration of many of the twitter people I follow, together with the sight of a few people who’d moved earlier, felt like things could really work here, and my dabbling hasn’t disappointed. I like what I see.

Discussion feels better, constructive, far less curated, and expansive. It’s also built on open technologies/approaches, and feels more considerate: the content warning setup is a delight. A touch of a usenet vibe too, which was a fun place to be for me for my very early years online in the 90s.

All said, feeling like I want to pick things up again, get back to writing up a few longer techie things (a few projects on the go/planned that’ll need an outlet), as well as some of the throwaway things: nice running routes, cycle journals, or pictures I’ve taken that I think people might like.

Anyway, we’ll see. Watch this space, or catch me online.