Decided a while back to slim my online presence down and make it much simpler. Other things have also taken over such that the time – and inclination – that I had to write about things in detail has rather evaporated.

I’m certainly not feeling the urge to write about politics in quite the same way. Maybe because I’m finding very little new to say (presuming I ever had), perhaps because I’m not as wound up by it quite as much as I used to be (draw your own conclusions on that). I also find I don’t like seeing other people’s overt political views about the topic of the day popping up in my social network feeds, so I took a long look at what I had been doing all this time, and figured I’d at least start by shutting up myself. My views are available in the pub with a suitable amount of prevaricating and hand waving and round buying.

I’ve still got my old website archived away, and maybe one day I’ll dig it out again, but for now I thought just a simpler setup was in order.

Kinda hoping what develops will be more about me and my interests, than about my views on things. I’m sure it’ll probably change again over time (this is the third or forth incarnation), but hey-ho. Not really bothered too much right now, and also rather fancied a clean slate.

Anyway, watch this space.