The Great Scottish Run

2006halfmarathonI’ve just got back from spending about an hour lending a bit of moral support to the runners in this years Great Scottish Run, which goes right past the end of our road.

Whilst I missed my friend Keith (I think I under-estimated how good a runner he was!), I stayed as long as I could giving a bit of support to the runners as they went by. It was particularly nice that a few folk acknowledged my presence – I can imagine after 8 miles, particularly if you’re not a regular runner, the last thing on your mind is saying thanks to people comfortably under an umbrella!

Every time I watch a race, particularly when I go out onto the street (as with the London Marathon a few years ago), I’m (briefly) motivated to set myself the goal of doing it next year. I’ve been quite interested by Gordon’s efforts in this regard – he’s actually decided to follow through with it. Maybe this month I’ll actually give myself the kick I need to get out and start doing some regular excercise… With the beautiful Pollok park on my doorstep, I’m fortunate where many folk are not for somewhere enjoyable and off-street to run around. Hmmmm. Maybe.

Update – 2nd Sept 2007 – A year on, and yes, I actually did run the half marathon! A full write-up here, including pictures taken by friends and family of the event.

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