Runners, runners, everywhere

It’s no surprise that when you take up a new activity you notice other people doing it a lot more. The shared experience and camaraderie, from a simple smile as you pass other runners, to talking about it with others, to writing about it on your weblog (who, me?). I’m yet to join a running club, but hope to do so when I’m a bit more comfortable over a longer distance, have plucked up the courage to go along, but fully expect that it will be a useful step.

We’ve just got back from a trip to B&Q (new blade for the lawnmower required), and our route takes us all the way around Pollok Park. I’d already noticed a lot of runners in the Park when I was out earlier, but there were a large number on the side of the road. I presume it must be a combination of it’s popularity up here, the beautiful weather we’re having right now, and perhaps folk being inspired to dig out their running shoes after last weeks London Marathon.

All great stuff, but I’m pleased that I started running back in September when the weather was getting colder, the rain increasing, and the nights drawing in. Having stuck with it over the winter months I think I’m now safely able to say that I’ve stuck at it, and it’s become an essential part of my routine, and a great way to prepare for work, or de-stress after it. The beautiful weather is certainly all the more enjoyable when memories of cold, dark, damp runs are a dwindling memory. Sticking at it was tough at times, but I’m pleased I have done. I hope the same is true for all those new runners out there at the moment.

I’ve sat on my application form for the Great Scottish Run for a while now, as I work away the last niggles that the half-marathon distance is within my reach. I’ve decided that I will run to raise money for The Prostate Cancer charity. I thought it might be a bit cheeky to run for charity, given that running is a hobby, but as I’ve never run such a distance before and it’s a very good cause, figured I wasn’t pushing it too much. I’ll be putting sponsorship details up in the next month or so, so start saving those pennies 🙂

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