Running in the rain

Fetch Everyone has a Poll up at the moment asking runners whether they like running in the rain or not, or go out even if they hate it. Personally, I quite like running in the rain. It’s much quieter for a start: Far fewer dog walkers or ambling couples taking up the entire path. It’s also a nice feeling, and the atmosphere, sounds and smells are very different: The smell after a heavy rainfall is particularly nice.

Only thing I struggle with is my glasses. They obviously get covered in water, and sometimes steam up. Plus I’ve only got a ‘shower-proof’ running top, which doesn’t really cut it in the heavier downpours. Waterproof ones (at least from wiggle seem, frankly, extremely expensive). Contact lenses are a possibility I suppose, although I do frequently get sweat in my eyes, and that’d be quite expensive too given I’d need a new prescription. I fear I’d look silly in a baseball cap.

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