2007 Glasgow Half Marathon – Completed!

First and foremost: Thank you all so much for all your support!

glasgowhalfmarathon99.jpgI’m pleased to report that I successfully completed the Glasgow Half Marathon, and have so far raised £1,504.20. My company had pledged to match up to the target of £1,500, so the total raised for The Prostate Cancer Charity comes to £3,004.20, and money is still coming in!

I really mean it when I say I could not have done it without the huge support I’ve received from your sponsorship, your messages, and your words of encouragement. It really made a big difference along the way.

Frances’s family turned out bright and early on the day to lend a lot of welcome support to me, and all the other runners along the route, and even captured some mug shots of me along the way. You can see them here

Conditions were pretty perfect for running. Nice and overcast, no rain, and a slight cooling breeze. Highlights included the run across the Kingston Bridge (the M8 motorway bridge through Glasgow), which is familiar to everybody up here and gives great views over Glasgow. Having a few lanes set aside for us was great fun. Plenty of pipers along the route encouraged us along, as did various shops as well as lots of fancy dress, the beautiful sites of Glasgow’s south-side, including my local training parks, and nice wide traffic-free roads.

In the end I managed the course with an official time of 1hr 52 mins 38 seconds (3 seconds faster than my own watch!), so exceeded the two hour challenge I’d set myself (So some of you who challenged me to do that in exchange for a bit more sponsorship now get to dig that little bit deeper :-). That puts me in position 2,541, which is safely in the first half (39th percentile) of all finishers, another goal I’d been secretly hoping to achieve!

The donation page is open for a while longer, so if you were holding on to find out if I actually completed the run before sponsoring me, now is your chance!


glasgowhalfmarathon56.jpgThere’s a supplement (PDF link) in Glasgow’s Evening Times, and the full race breakdown is here (PDF again) at the runglasgow website.

A pictorial follows tomorrow at http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/run

Once again, huge thanks to everybody who lent their support to me. Every little bit helped, and all for such a good cause!

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