Favourite run: The Clyde at night

Since joining the Bellahouston Road Runners, I’ve really enjoyed discovering new routes to run. Normally routes take us around the wide and straight streets of Pollokshields and surrounds. All well and good, but they don’t really have as much to offer in terms of sights and sounds. One in particular jumped out at me before I’d even run it, as it’s the only route that takes the groups right in to town, along the Clyde and around Glasgow Green. It’s easily my favourite of the groups usual routes.

This is what the club calls the ‘green run’, as it takes us all the way in to town, loops around Glasgow Green, and returns. The leg on the north side of the river goes alongside (or under) the various bridges that cross the river in the centre of town. These are usually beautifully lit up (like this, or this. (Embedded picture credit to flickr users swirley (left) and jdw (top right))

It’s also great to see the busy city centre. Whilst stopping at road crossings is always frustrating (we’re there to run not sight see!), I enjoy the chance to see a bit more ‘life going on’, as well as savouring the views. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I miss commuting, but it’s still nice to get in and out again!

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This particular run involved a pyramid speed session, where we ran for 3, 4, 5, 4, and 3 minutes at a faster pace. We’d been encouraged to wear heart rate monitors for this session, and tried to ensure we were at 90-95% of our maximum heart rate in these periods, before a one minute recovery.

Running with a group has lots of advantages, in particular that you’re able to perhaps run routes that you wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable running on your own at night. The encouragement of a group in bad weather too is also incredibly useful. The big detractions are, of course, “street furniture”, which I think every runner lives in perpetual fear of hurting themselves on. Thankfully those ahead point out hazards, but you still need to keep your wits about you just in case. I’m certainly forever cussing those who’s job it is to layout road junctions and pavements these days.

Anyway, this run in particular has become a firm favourite of mine, and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to give it another go.

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