2007: A year in running

Sharon and David Rowe pipped me to the post with a “review of your running year”, which is something I’d been thinking of writing for a while now.

I managed to run about 750 miles over the course of the year, peaking in August ahead of my entry into the Glasgow Half Marathon. 168 kilometres that month, which is 104 miles, so that was peaking at about 25 miles/week. December has shaped up to be another big running month too.

The story of my running ‘career’ to date has, I think, been my own surprise at my perseverance. I’m very pleased that I actually started running in the first place, then kept at it, then found that I was enjoying it. Despite the best of Glasgow’s weather in the winter months: I’m looking out the window now, just before I head out for a run, and it’s grey, drizzling, cold, and overcast. At least I’ve got the benefit of the daylight, which makes a pleasant change. But starting running seems to get rapid progress, which is it’s own reward. That first weezy walk/jog around a small circuit in Pollok Park was a shock.

Of course the first ‘non-stop’ run was every bit as good as my first sub-30 5k, sub-25 5k, sub-50 10k, and finishing my first half marathon. Of course, PB’s are getting a bit harder now: Real effort is required to improve them.

My goals for 2008? Well, I’m not planning on running a marathon, at least, not too seriously. My first marathon – hopefully London – will be in 2009 and I hope to run that for a charity. The time required to train for a marathon, properly, is now apparent to me, and I don’t expect to have the time this coming year. I’ve decided that 2008 is about consolidation and getting my 5k, 10k and half-marathon times down. 5K PB is 23:18, 10K PB is 49:52, and my half marathon 01:52:38. If I can get below 21:00 on 5k, Sub 45:00 on 10k, and sub 01:40:00 on half marathons I’ll be delighted.

But it’s not all about running faster. I

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