Starting a Glasgow Time Trial

The UK Time Trial phenomena has been gathering strength for the last few years. It boasts a number of free-to-enter 5k time trials around the country, but with one exception they are largely focused in London and the South.

I had such fun at the two events I’ve taken part in when in London, that I got to wondering if there was any chance of a Glasgow event starting up. I made contact with the UKTT guys, and as I was the first to ask, I decided to find out if the idea had legs. So with UKTT’s words of advice, and the assistance of one of my local councillors, I approached the Glasgow’s Culture and Sport department.

The good news is that Glasgow council seem very keen to support the idea. Perhaps the Commonwealth Games in 2014 helped, or maybe the idea of a regular volunteer driven event that has proven such a hit elsewhere in the country in their city, or that it fits so well with their health and fitness objectives.

Either way, a *free*, *fun* and weekly 5k Time Trial is sounding like a very real definite possibility for the city of Glasgow.

Which is where you come in. We need volunteers to come forward to help with the organisation in the first month or two, to get it on it’s feet. If you’re a runner and would like to see a regular, free to participate, 5k time trial come to Glasgow, get in touch. Initially, we’ll need 5-10 volunteers, but the more the merrier.

If you’re injured or taking it easy, this is a great way to stay in touch with, and make new, running friends. If you’re a fun runner, it’s a great way of measuring your progress. If you’re an elite runner, it’s a great way to start off a longer training session.

Just as important as the running and the taking part, the UK Time Trials always retire to a local cafe for coffee, cakes and chat. Building a fun, enjoyable and supportive running community is a key part of the UKTT movement. Just because we’ve done the run, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too 🙂

Where will the event take place? That’s not decided yet. I suspect it’ll either be Pollok Park or Glasgow Green. Pollok Park would be ideal as everything we need is there, but it’s a little “undulating”, and does have some mixed purpose roads/paths. Glasgow Green is much more central, and flatter, but may not be quite as convenient.

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