Ideas for a running challenge?

The joys of writing a weblog. A marketing company associated with Salomon have been in touch with me as a result of my weblog and are I’m surprised to discover, inviting me to test out a pair of their new XT Wings trail shoes. I’m also getting a free N82 phone (I suspect on loan, but it’ll take quite something to beat my iPhone), which has a GPS tracking facility (useful as my Garmin packed in and is off to the Garmin health clinic). It all appeals to my geek sentiments, although I’m not enamoured by the prospect of running with a phone, I’m not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Anyway – the reason for this post – I need to come up with an ‘interesting sports challenge’. They’ve suggested things like ‘run a marathon in less than 3 hours’, ‘climb 2 mountains in the same day’, ‘get from East to West London in 45 minutes’. I get a widget, blog about my experiences on, and they get free publicity and so on. Works for me, and them.

Anyway, my nice little problem is the best challenge I can come up with is to break my 10K PB below 45 mins (it’s 45:01 right now, at the Jack Crawford 10k). And it’s not really *that* exciting (or new – it’d be rude to let that stand as my PB for too long!), and I’m quite hopeful of doing it. So beyond the “not getting mugged for your new phone and shoes”, or “not getting noticed by club coaches for wearing non-muddy shoes for 2 weeks in a row”, wondered if anybody had any ideas?

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