Go Ape cancels Pollok Park plans!

Absolutely delighted to have just received an e-mail from the Save Pollok Park campaign that gives the marvellous news that Go Ape have withdrawn their ill-considered plans to build a course in Pollok Park. It seems there was an important change requested by the National Trust for Scotland, which meant new planning requirements (as well as expensive alterations) would have been necessary.

Most campaigners never had a problem with Go Ape’s business. I’d still love to have a go on one of their courses. It’s just that the idea of building an aerial assault course in an inner-city park would have completely ruined a stunningly beautiful, and already very limited, part of Glasgow. It just made no sense at all. So I’m delighted they’ve finally seen sense.

The council were also claiming it was about creating a “venue for health and recreational activity”, and at £20 a shot (despite supposed ‘free’ places), it never made sense where there’s so many problems with health, and poverty, in Glasgow. I just wish they had looked at other free, easy, accessible activities which wouldn’t have required chopping trees down, and are already open to all, such as this perhaps?.

Huge congratulations to Bill and Bob of the Save Pollok Park campaign for all their hard work. I’m absolutely certain the campaign would not have been as successful if it hadn’t been for their efforts, diligence and determination over the last couple of years.


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