Switching an iPhone away from O2

Quite keen to move my iPhone away from O2, back to Orange. Signal at home has got worse in the last year or two, and in a few key spots I spend a lot of time, I have barely any signal. Generally struggling too when using 3G.

I never really had the problem with Orange (admittedly on GPRS), so decided to switch to a monthly SIM only contract to see how it looked. Saving £10 per month, and bide my time for maybe the iPhone 5. The 3GS I have does the job nicely enough, and I haven’t dropped it from a high enough height to break it, yet.

But a bit more complicated switching than I’d expected though. First up, PAC codes. Have to phone up to request that, and after having given the reason (they can’t improve if they don’t know), got that texted to me.

The real hassle was a week after having done that, I realised that iPhones are shipped locked to the network, so needed to lodge a request with O2, which seems to be managed by Apple and implemented in iTunes. So it can take up to 14 days: Seems a strangely long time.

Anyway, have ordered a SIM, and hope to receive it next week. Can activate it and pay for it when my iPhone is finally unlocked, so should all migrate across nicely and I can bask in a decent signal strength again, and hopefully a better 3G network around these parts.

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