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Last night’s running club session was a first for me: A speed training session on a ‘proper’ running track, over at Nethercraigs sports ground. I’d last week been ‘moved up’ into a faster running group, which was a pleasant surprise – at least until the running started 😉

The geek in me is of course quite curious about the construction of the running surface. It feels slightly spongy, and was surprisingly easy to run on. I’ve tried hunting about for some useful detail about the construction of such surfaces, and what they’re composed of, but there’s surprisingly little out there. I’ll keep hunting about and update this when I do find out something more.

The session we took part in was, I gather, Parlov intervals (or is it Parlauf?), which sounds more complicated than it is. In pairs, the first runner runs 300m at pace, then hands over to the second runner, who does the same. In the meantime the first runner jogs back 100m and takes over when the second runner comes around. We did two 15 minute sessions, with a short (4 minute?) break in between. Quite amusing the ‘find a partner’: Flashbacks to school days which was rather amusing, to me at least. I’ve attached the KML (see embedded map below) from one of the sessions below for fun and grins (I was also quite tickled when Dave did similar)

My running partner and I were reasonably well paced – I was coming in with 300 metre times of about 1:06, and he was coming in slightly faster despite having had some stitch on our jog over to the track. Over the course of the two sessions, despite feeling really quite exhausted at the end, my splits were still proving reasonably consistent. My last stint was 1:11. Certainly room for improvement, but I felt quite pleased with the relative consistency. Quite amazing to see the ‘A’ runners lapping lots of people, myself very much included!

Pleased that the slight issue I had with my left shin appears to be much better, not least that I’ve been doing some specific rubs and stretches having spoken to one of the coaches, but also that I took it easy last week and skipped the long run (which, I gather, went right into the centre of town to Glasgow Green, which would have been fun) preferring to take it easy around Pollok Park on Thursday lunch time. New shoes are also on the cards, as I had some similar niggles at the end of my last pair. I’m also sure the special running surface we were on last night helped a lot too.

So it’s all going very well. Settling in nicely, getting to know a good few folk. I *do* need to find a cycle route to the club that doesn’t involve huge hills or busy roads, the first of which meant I felt quite tired last night, before I’d even started!

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