Any interest in starting a Glasgow Time Trial?

As a keen runner, I’ve been fascinated and intrigued by the UK Time Trial phenomenon that started with the Bushy Park Time Trial, and now is starting to grow to other venues. Why is it so good? Well, it’s free and it’s fun, and it can form a great part of any runners weekly training, allowing them to gauge their improvements over time. If you’ve not encountered it before, take a moment to have a look around The UKTT website.

Recently a number of new time trials have started up. Whilst still predominantly based in the south of the UK, there’s one in Leeds and even one in Harare, Zimbabwe.

I’ve therefore got to thinking that it’d be worth investigating what is involved in setting up a Glasgow Time Trial. I know there are a lot of passionate runners in Glasgow. I saw over ten thousand of them in the Glasgow Half Marathon in September, and many of them passed me in Pollok park in the weeks and months before the event. There’s also a hugely successful ‘Jog Scotland’ initiative, which I know is very popular. And that’s all before I mention the many running clubs in Glasgow, including my own.

So with thousands of runners in and around Glasgow, how many of them would be interested in a regular, free, 5k timed event somewhere in the city? I’ve been in touch with the organisers of the UK Time Trials, and it if we can find a course, muster a few initial volunteers to take care of the timekeeping,

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