Scottish 4k Cross Country Championships

DSC_1697I’d intended to take part in Scottish 4k Cross Country championships today, but an extra long run yesterday (22km, the longest I’ve run since the 2007 Glasgow Half Marathon), and not feeling 100% last night and this morning meant that I just fancied going along and lending some moral support to my running club, rather than run. I was also going to get the chance to snap a few photos with my camera, which I’ve not done in a while.

Bellahouston Park had resembled more of a lake than a park yesterday evening, and that had played on my mind. But today it seemed the drainage – presuming there is any of course – had worked, and things were a little less sodden. Still *very* muddy with large pools of water, but a lot better than I’d expected. I’ve only managed one cross country before, and thoroughly enjoyed it. You don’t get many opportunities to get muddy as an adult, so missing this one was a shame, especially as it’s right on my doorstep. Due to a mix up in entries (and unsympathetic organisers) our club didn’t have enough race numbers to go around, so I (will) actually appear in the official results, but it’s the club treasurer Russell who used my (lovely low) number ‘3’, and deserves the credit for the no doubt decent time he’ll set. Quite pleased that my decision meant he got to enjoy a run he might otherwise have missed out on.

The club had a decent turnout for both the men and womens races. Both events required two laps of the 2k circuit – It’s always puzzled me that women’s cross country events seem to frequently get shorter distances to run. Sadly no top ten results for the club, but to an extent that was understandable – there was a very strong field of entrants: it was a national event after all!

I made good use of my camera, and grabbed a few good shots of the start. Plenty more at my flickr page. Good fun, and very well done all around, especially to Louise who was taking part in her first XC. You can see before and after shots of her new spikes 🙂

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