Club winter handicap

I’ve a few posts lined up, but figured I’d start off with news on the running that I’m quite pleased with. I came 2nd in my running club winter handicap championship!

This is an annual competition, where the points are awarded based on overall improvement from last year, rather than pure outright speed. As my 10k time last year at the Barrhead 10k was 49:52, and I’d improved to 45:01 (at the Jack Crawford 10k), I got a decent number of points. But I was pipped at the post by a very deserving (and fellow ‘B’ group runner) Ian Goudie, who cut his time from 48:20 to a *very* impressive 43:04. Third was Greig Glendinning (in the ‘A’ group, no less), who took almost a minute off his last years best to go from 39:30 to 38:43. The ladies competition was won by ladies captain Claire Thompson, 2nd was Sarah Dowling, and third Jackie McGuire. Well done to everybody!

The races in the championship were quite varied: I just used 10k times to illustrate relative speed. My first ever cross country race was one of the races, but I hadn’t realised it at the time! Maybe I’d have pushed a bit harder if I’d known I was in with a chance of winning! Of course, next year I’ll have a faster time to start from: I’m really hoping to break through the 45 minute barrier this year. But that just keeps the bar high and me on my toes. A challenge is a good thing, and being a relative newcomer to a sport can have some advantages 🙂

The main club championship is of course based on outright speed, which, you’ll be shocked to hear, means I don’t have anywhere near the same chance of winning. But I am still hoping to complete the criteria (which means a couple of half marathons later this year!), and to see how I’m doing across all the race distances.

It’s all good fun, and now that the winter training is coming to an end with the clocks going forward at the end of the month, I’m really now able to look forward to lots of interesting training runs in Pollok Park, and getting a few more races under my belt after the wedding.

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