What just happened?

Help me out here. I have some strange feeling I might actually have just gone for a run. I put on my old trainers, some shorts, and went for a 25 minute jog/walk/jog/walk type thing around Pollok Park this lunch-time.

My inspiration comes from the realisation quite recently that I don’t do any regular exercise, and seeing 20,000 people run past the end of our street inspired me to actually have a go at it myself. But then I often say that when I see ‘normal’ people doing these marathon things. Somehow though, this time it was was different. Perhaps it’s my age (33), or the fact that it’s not the first time I’ve said “I should do that”, or maybe even the smiles on Frances and her family’s faces when I mentioned I might be doing it, that meant this time I was determined to at least make a start.

It was, as is to be expected this early on, all a bit laughable really – I barely managed more than a few minutes at a time, but having a sense of reality about this is vital: It’s going to take time, so a small amount – regularly – should hopefully mean that things improve quite quickly. A minute or two’s run, followed by a few minutes of walking, meant I got round the Pollok Park circuit I had in mind in about the right time. It’ll also be a nice yard-stick for how well I’m doing. I’m already excited about the possibility of improving to the extent I can do a complete circuit without stopping sometime.

I’ve promised myself a few geeky gadgets to encourage me along the way. There’s a new iPod Nano coming soon, which I think I’ll get to while away the time, and maybe a digital watch with some wizzo features (as my mobile phone isn’t the best thing to be using to keep track of my time). Hey, a guy like me needs incentives!

I’m certainly not as brave, or as determined as Sharon, who seems to be in a similar frame of mind/stage right now, but entering the London Marathon next year!. If I’m still doing it by that time, I’ll be pleased. Whether I get as far as actually *entering* even a half-marathon is yet to be seen. If I’m still posting ramblings about jogging in a few months time, as the winter draws in up here, maybe, just maybe… 🙂

The Great Scottish Run

2006halfmarathonI’ve just got back from spending about an hour lending a bit of moral support to the runners in this years Great Scottish Run, which goes right past the end of our road.

Whilst I missed my friend Keith (I think I under-estimated how good a runner he was!), I stayed as long as I could giving a bit of support to the runners as they went by. It was particularly nice that a few folk acknowledged my presence – I can imagine after 8 miles, particularly if you’re not a regular runner, the last thing on your mind is saying thanks to people comfortably under an umbrella!

Every time I watch a race, particularly when I go out onto the street (as with the London Marathon a few years ago), I’m (briefly) motivated to set myself the goal of doing it next year. I’ve been quite interested by Gordon’s efforts in this regard – he’s actually decided to follow through with it. Maybe this month I’ll actually give myself the kick I need to get out and start doing some regular excercise… With the beautiful Pollok park on my doorstep, I’m fortunate where many folk are not for somewhere enjoyable and off-street to run around. Hmmmm. Maybe.

Update – 2nd Sept 2007 – A year on, and yes, I actually did run the half marathon! A full write-up here, including pictures taken by friends and family of the event.